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Baxter Precast sound walls provide a maintenance free solution to residential and commercial sound pollution. Quality:
  • Provide excellent protection against sound pollution in any environment
  • Available in decorative finishes
  • Built at just the correct height to deter sound from going through and over the wall
  • Useful both commercially and residentially
  • All-Weather construction.
  • Design-Build participation.
  • Affordable solution to noise pollution issues residentially and commercially.
  • The low maintenance nature of the product reduces future cost
This acoustical material was created as a cost-effective solution for noise mitigation by absorbing sound energy rather than reflecting it. The material is integrated with a structural concrete precast panel during the production phase. Effective sound absorption with aesthetic features within the sound walls for noise control are in demand by engineers for use along highway, rail, industrial and residential areas. Property owners desiring to improve their quality of life, preserve their health and protect their property values have realized the benefits of this product.

soundwalls1 Sound Wall cement-based material, has the effective acoustical structure necessary to absorb sound energy, offering the highest Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.0 at 3.5 inches thick. Its unique, durable, porous structure prevents noise from being reflected back into the community. In comparison, a typical sound wall composed of solid or sound-reflective surfaces simply redirects the noise, thereby augmenting the noise pollution. One main concern of property owners is the appearance of the wall itself. Baxter Precast Sound Walls solves this problem because it can replicate virtually any aesthetic texture and is available in a variety of colors. They eliminate unwanted noise while offering an attractive, affordable solution to noise pollution. Design, civil and acoustical engineers are specifying SoundSorb because it's a versatile, cost-effective, common-sense solution to noise abatement. soundwall2 Residential communities that are suffering from highway, rail or general transportation noise and want a cost-effective solution should contact the environmental division of their local state Department of Transportation for assistance and suggest their DOT inquire about Sound Walls.


Sound Walls are a proven solution for this problem. It is the sound absorptive finish added to the reflective noise wall panels that absorbs all the noise that impacts the wall while also dramatically improving the appearance of the wall, as it replicates any standard or custom texture and can be stained or colorized any color. Baxter Precast is supporting the recognition of the growing trend that walls need to be aesthetically pleasing, typically reflecting some important aspect of the community. Aesthetic walls provide visual comfort and help support property values. You can now participate in this emerging sound absorptive noise abatement trend by contacting Baxter Precast for more information on how to add the cost effective Sound Wall solutions to your current project.