decorMedian Barriers

jjhooks median barriersSelf-alignment and No Loose Hardware
Means Savings for You:

• Fastest setting time
• Lowest installation costs
• Eliminates hardware replacement costs
from loss, or rusted nuts and bolts
• Only barrier with identical ends
(no left or right pieces)
• Straight vertical lift for easier installation
• Self-aligning: automatically “hooks” into place
• Requires smaller installation crew
• Improved worker safety
• Tight radius ability

Continuous Steel Connection and Durable
Precast Concrete Provide the Best
Protection Available.

Vandal Protection:

The first system available in America with no
pins, bolts or loose hardware that meets and
exceeds the NCHRP350 standard.
• No loss of structural integrity or security
breach due to lost or stolen hardware
• Identical ends allow you to turn the barrier
end to end

Easy Emergency Access:

One barrier can be removed without
disturbing adjacent barriers
• The self-aligning barriers are easy to re-install

Barrier Rental, Transportation Sections,
Bridge Barriers and Other Special Designs
Available in Some Locations.

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